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Kratom Weight Loss – Shocking Facts

Everywhere that you look, there seems to be a new diet that claims to be the best solution for weight loss. The hard part is determining if any of these diets actually work. With so many to choose from, what is your best option? Some people have started turning to Kratom, as a way to help them lose weight.

Kratom is a 100% natural herb that comes from a tree native to Southeast Asia. It has a number of effects, including acting as a stimulant. If you are wondering if using Kratom will actually help you lose weight, then take a look at the following info:


Kratom Is Not Commonly Taken for Weight Loss

While some people have claimed that Kratom has helped them lose weight, this is not the most common reason for using Kratom. Is often used recreationally or for the stimulating or sedative effect that it can have, depending on the dosage that is taken.

Some of the reasons that people use Kratom include an increase of energy, pain relief, increased immunity, relief from anxiety or depression, and to help them get to sleep.


Kratom May Suppress Your Appetite

There are reports of people claiming that Kratom can suppress your appetite. When you combine appetite suppression with the energizing effect that Kratom can have, you may find it easier to stick to your fitness goals and begin dropping a few pounds. If using Kratom for these purposes, it may help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle and keep you from making unhealthy food choices.


Health Concerns Related to Kratom

There is currently no evidence that suggests Kratom is harmful to your health. When taken as a powder and ingested, the alkaloids found in the leaves pass through your bloodstream and your nervous system. They should not impact your health in any way, other than the temporary effects that are typically provided by the plant.


Choosing the Right Strains for Kratom Weight Loss

If you want to try using Kratom for weight loss, then pay attention to the strain that you choose and the dosage that you use. As far as choosing the right Kratom strain for weight loss, consider choosing a white or green vein Kratom. White vein leaves are known for their energizing effect. Green vein leaves can still offer these energizing effects, but may be more suitable for those that get jittery easily or suffer from anxiety.

The dosage is also important, if you want to boost your energy. Taking a large dose is often associated with the sedative effects of Kratom. To avoid sedating yourself with Kratom, and to maximize the effectiveness of the energizing quality, start with a small dosage – 1 to 4 grams of Kratom.

As you try to lose weight, using Kratom as an herbal supplement, stick to a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and get regular exercise. When used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, Kratom may just be the stepping stone that you need to begin losing weight efficiently and effectively.

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