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Kratom Status: Why isn’t Kratom Used in Medications?

Millions of people can attest to the fact that kratom has beneficial properties. People take kratom for pain relief, stress relief, and relief from anxiety or depression. Kratom is also taken recreationally, which is where the negative response from the medical community comes from.

This is one of the barriers preventing kratom from being used in medications, but it is not the only reason. Find out why kratom is not being used in medications and why it may never be. Kratom status, the shocking facts!


Researchers Have Difficulty Getting Grants

When a researcher comes up with a plan to study the effects of kratom use, they often run into a common barrier. Many institutions will not give grants to researchers that want to examine drugs that are thought to be harmful. The DEA has labeled kratom as a drug of concern. Due to this, institutions such as the National Institute of Health are unlikely to provide researchers with grants for research.

Since scientists face difficulty getting funding for kratom research, this leaves further research to pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be too much interest in kratom from the major pharmaceutical companies.


One Pharmaceutical Company Considered Using Kratom

Back in the 1960’s, one pharmaceutical company actually looked into the use of kratom and the potential benefits as an analgesic. Smith, Kline, and French, which is now a part of GlaxoSmithKline, examined the drug but did not follow through with the development of any medications using kratom.

This could be because the pharmaceutical company was not as large in the 1960’s as it is today. Perhaps if a company were to examine kratom today, they could see the benefits of developing it into a variety of medications, including pain relief medications.


The Food and Drug Administration Has Warned Against Using Kratom

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a warning against using kratom. They believe that the herb can be addictive and has the potential to cause liver damage; though, there has not been any significant research to back these claims. Still, the FDA has a large amount of influence on what herbs and drugs can be distributed and manufactured in the United States.


The DEA Wants to Ban Kratom Use

As mentioned earlier, the DEA has labeled kratom a drug of concern. What this means is that they feel there are potential dangers to using kratom. As far as the DEA is concerned, kratom is just another substance that should be banned. They fear that widespread use could lead to an increase in underage kratom use and other public health issues and dangers.

Due to all of the issues listed above, it may be quite some time before more research is performed on kratom. According to firsthand accounts and the minimal research that has been performed, kratom shows promise as being able to provide medicinal value. By extracting the active compounds and investigating their benefits, scientists and pharmaceutical companies could easily find positive uses for kratom. Whether this will happen – you will just have to wait and see.

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