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Kratom on Plane: What You Should Know!

If you currently use kratom and are planning to travel the world, and bring Kratom on plane, it is important to make sure that kratom is legal in the countries that you are traveling to. While it is difficult to understand why countries may ban kratom as this tree grows throughout Southeast Asia and people have been using the leaves for medicinal purposes for centuries.

Currently there are only four countries that have banned kratom. These are:

• Malaysia
• Australia
• Thailand
• Myanmar

While these are the only four countries that have fully banned kratom, there are several other countries that have designated kratom as a controlled substance and made it illegal. The countries where kratom is considered a controlled substance include:

• Finland
• Denmark
• New Zealand
• Germany
• Romania

The South Korean, Russian, and United Kingdom governments are rather unclear about the legality of using kratom, but at this time they have not banned the substance from their countries. Some countries such as Mexico and Canada allow people to import and purchase kratom, but they do not allow it to be marketed as a supplement to be used by humans.

If you are travelling through the countries that are mentioned it is important to be smart about when and where you use kratom. Make sure that you research the laws of the country that you are going to visit and be sure that you abide by any rules that have been set regarding the use and transport of kratom into that country.

Kratom Use in the United States

Kratom products are legal throughout each of the states in the United States with one exception. In Indiana there is a legal ban on some types of kratom alkaloids. The kratom herb is legal in Indiana as the law does not apply to untainted plants. There are no restrictions on possession, buying, shipping, or using any type of kratom products on any of the other states.

However, there are a few states that are battling the use of kratum and if you are traveling to one of these states you should research the current status of the laws regarding its use. These states are Hawaii, Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, and Vermont.

Washington State, Tennessee, New York, and California are all states that allow the buying and selling of kratom without any issues.

Buying Kratom Online

Kratom can still be purchased legally online from vendors. If you currently live in an area where kratom has not been banned or restricted you are free to purchase and use the products as you see fit. Currently you can enjoy using kratom throughout the United States and in many parts of the world. However, it is a good idea to check the laws regularly as they are changing all the time. While kratom is considered a safe supplement to use in many parts of the world, it is important that you know the laws of the land before you attempt to travel with the supplement.

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