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Kratom Interaction Guide: OTC & Recreational Drugs

Before smoking or ingesting kratom, it’s always smart to see if it interacts with any of the other drugs you take / consume. The last thing you want is a bad mix, like taking Tylenol to prevent a hangover. That combination just puts further stress on your liver, and, as you may have experienced firsthand, does nothing for your headache. Other combinations, such as benzodiazepines and alcohol, can be much more serious.

This is your Kratom Interaction Guide with both OTC and recreational drugs. Search for the one(s) you are familiar with to ensure you’re being a responsible Kratom user.

General Guidelines

  • Never mix right away. Get a gauge on how kratom and the other drug affect your body individually before you start mixing and matching.
  • Start small. Lower the dose of each drug when you’re taking both at the same time.
  • See how you react. Don’t go to a 3-day music festival without first noting how the combination affects you in particular.

Stimulants (Adderall)

Some users take kratom as an aid to adderall. At low doses, the effects of kratom are euphoric, motivational, and energizing, which are very similar to those of adderall. Users even report they can take lower doses of adderall with a small dose of kratom and achieve similar effects as if they were to have taken just a high dose of adderall – this leads to less of a “crash” or “comedown” (whichever term you prefer) at the end of the day.

Kratom is also used to mitigate the effects of adderall at the end of the day. At higher doses, kratom’s sedative effects can balance out the stimulatory ones of a drug like adderall.  However, high doses can also make the stomach sensitive and lead to nausea or dizziness. As always, use in moderation and make sure you’re maintaining proper eating and hygiene habits to prevent avoidable side effects.


Mixing kratom and alcohol can be dangerous. Both are mild CNS depressants, so although the combination isn’t as bad as something like benzodiazepines and kratom, the risk is still there. Consider if you’ve ever found yourself “nodding off” while on kratom – that effect is only amplified with booze in your system.

The best choice is never mixing the two. If you absolutely have to drink, keep it to one or two at a maximum. And remember to keep your inhibitions in check so you don’t end up drinking too much or overdoing the kratom dose/redose.

Marijuana (Weed)

Weed is the safest (and most popular) drug to combine with Kratom. The combination of a low dose (to receive euphoric, happy feelings) with either an indica or sativa blend will yield either a relaxed or motivated mindset. Higher doses can lead to lethargy, especially when combined with indica cannabis, so make sure you follow the general guidelines and start small with both substances.


We’ll end with the combination you should never try – kratom and Xanax. The depressant effect is overwhelming to the point where you can become incoherent, and the potential for overdose is very real.

The risk is only increased when you factor in the impulsiveness that comes with a benzodiazepine like Xanax. A few mg can be the difference between falling asleep… and falling asleep for good.

Don’t do it.

Final Thoughts (Important)

We covered just a few of the combinations between kratom and other drugs on this page. If you’re taking a drug not listed, always do your due diligence and research the interaction to make sure you’re safe.

If you’re taking one that is listed, click below to learn more about the interaction.

  • Alcohol
  • Weed
  • Adderall

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