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Kratom Hallucinations – How they happen and What to Expect

Kratom is a relatively new plant that is doing the rounds online and finding popularity as an alternative to traditional painkillers as well as a potential ‘legal high’.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. Kratom itself is not ‘new’ at all – in fact it has been used in traditional medicine far longer than we’re even able to reliably measure. What is new is its current popularity in the West which is most likely a result of numerous articles and forums discussing the subject.

And with this newfound popularity comes some controversy. Kratom has been used in traditional medicine for many generations with little consequence, but when people purposefully set out to use it as a way to get ‘high’ there can of course be consequences and side effects.

One of the ‘side effects’ of kratom is the occurrence of hallucinations. These have been cited in many of the aforementioned articles and posts discussing kratom.

But what causes these kratom hallucinations? Should you be worried about them? What should you expect?

The Reality

Some people reading this might be thinking that hallucinations make kratom more exciting. If that’s the case, then you’re exactly the sort of person who shouldn’t be using kratom. Not only is abusing kratom (or any substance) dangerous but you are also likely to be disappointed.

In reality, kratom is actually very unlikely to cause hallucinations. This is a side effect that is noticed only in the very rarest of cases.

In fact, describing kratom as a ‘legal high’ is stretching the definition somewhat. Most people describe the experience as being similar to drinking a strong coffee without the jitters, followed by a feeling of calmness and relaxation and a mild euphoria. This is not something that’s going to blow your mind or make you giggle for hours like a child because ‘chairs are weird’.

Those people who are worried about kratom because they think it may cause hallucinations are actually most likely misinformed regarding the effects of kratom or how it works.

So What’s Going On?

So with that being said, why is it that anyone thinks kratom might cause hallucinations in the first place? Is this a complete fallacy?

Well no. What you need to remember about kratom is that it works in a manner similar to morphine – although the effects are significantly weaker and it is far less addictive. Morphine though can very rarely cause hallucinations which are most likely a result of the drowsiness it brings on. Most likely this is a form of hypnagogia – a state of being on the edge of sleep that can sometimes cause dream-like images to breach into your waking life.

But note that this is very rare and it’s hardly ‘exciting’. While kratom is safe when used as directed, there have been cases of people dying from its use. Think hard before deliberately trying to bring on the most extreme effects. You’ll most likely be disappointed and you may just cause irreversible damage.


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