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Kratom Buying Guide for Beginners

First-time kratom user? Or maybe you already purchased some kratom… but found the experience to be underwhelming?

It’s a common problem. Inexperienced users don’t know what to look for in a kratom seller, so they end up buying from just about anyone. This lack of research leads to a less-than-satisfactory kratom experience, and you sometimes, if the product is particularly poor, you might not get any positive effects at all.

Don’t take the risk and buy from just anyone. Instead, read our Kratom Buying Guide for Beginner – at the end, you’ll know exactly where to get the best kratom that has the exact effects you’re looking for.

Arm yourself with the knowledge you need

Not all kratom is the same. There are different strains, and each one varies quite a bit in the effects it gives at both low and high doses. In general, users will buy kratom with a purpose in mind, such as relaxation or studying, rather than picking a random one and hoping for the best.

You should also choose between whether you’re going to take your kratom in a capsule or buy it loose and smoke it, as some vendors will only sell one variation or the other.

Deciding between online and in-store

Kratom is mostly legal in the US and varies in legality worldwide.

If kratom is legal where you live, you have the option of heading to a head shop or herbal smoke shop and buying it in person. The other alternative is buying online – although traditional retailers like Amazon won’t sell kratom, there are plenty of reliable independent vendors to choose from.

Pros and cons to each

  • In-store will be quicker, though not everyone will live in close proximity to a retailer that carries kratom. The selection might be limited, too, and the retailer near you might not have the strain you want.
  • Online will be cheaper and the kratom will generally be of a higher quality, though there are plenty of low-quality sellers out there – use the checklist below to make sure you’re buying from only the trusted, high-quality ones.

Checklist before you buy

  1. Buy from a specialty kratom website. Some herbal sites will carry kratom on the side, but dedicated sites will have better product, a wider selection, and lower prices.
  2. Look for simplicity. Sites advertising kratom as “a killer legal high” or using names like “extreme”, “turbo”, and “Bob Marley” should be avoided. Look for the no-frills sellers who are selling pure versions of the drug.
  3. Try to gauge the scale of the operation. Don’t buy from the guy who sells to a dozen different people. Buy from the company who sells to thousands and has strict quality control standards. You can determine the scale of a company by the selection of products they carry and whether or not they offer bulk discounts.
  4. Do your due diligence. The good kratom sellers are well-known. If you do a Google search and the results are anything but overwhelmingly positive, find a new seller.
  5. Get a response before ordering. If you have specific questions or requirements for your order, reach out and see how long it takes for you to get a response (if you get one at all). Reliable sellers have good customer service – period.

Let’s hope that kratom stays legal for the time being and the buying process stays relatively straightforward. It’s as easy as deciding where you’re going to buy and doing your homework to make sure you’re buying from a reliable vendor.

Good luck, and as always, make sure to check if kratom is legal where you live before ordering a package full of it to your doorstep.

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