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Complete Dosage Guide for Using Kratom

When you carefully determine the correct dosage for kratom, you can gain exactly what you want from the herb. You can enjoy relaxation, pain relief, and energy, depending on your dosage. Choosing the right dose is one of the most challenging parts of taking kratom, when you first start trying the herb. Here is complete dosage guide for using kratom.


What are the Effects of Kratom?

When kratom is taken correctly, you can expect a large variety of beneficial effects. This can include benefits for your mind or body. The effects will vary, based on the strain of kratom, your body chemistry, and the dosage. Here are some of the most commonly reported effects of using kratom:

  • Relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relief from anxiety, stress, and pain
  • A light, pleasant feeling
  • Increased energy and focus


What are the Types of Kratom?

In addition to strains of kratom, you may come across different types of kratom. Depending on the type of kratom that you choose, you may need to adjust your dosage. These types of kratom include Super, Premium, and Extract.

Super kratom is kratom that has been cultivated from the strongest kratom leaves. These leaves contain the highest number of alkaloids, which can provide more intense effects at a lower dosage.

Premium kratom products are the most common. They are created by sifting through the leaves to remove stems. This leaves the potent leaves. Extract is a resin that is made from boiling down kratom leaves. The extract will be labeled based on the amount of kratom used to create one gram of kratom resin.


How Much Kratom Should You Take?

Knowing which type of kratom you are using will help you determine your dosage. You will also need to consider the effect that you want. When you consume kratom in low doses, you tend to receive the stimulant effect of the plant, which will provide you with energy and focus. If you are using kratom for relief from pain, anxiety, or stress, you will want to consume more kratom. Here is an overview of the recommended doses based on the type of kratom:


Super Kratom

For super kratom, 1 to 2 grams is the threshold. The threshold of any strain or type of kratom is the minimum amount that you can take to feel the full effects of the herb. A light dose is 3 grams, 5 grams for a potent dose, and 8 or more grams for a strong dose.


Premium Kratom

With premium kratom, the doses are different from super kratom. The threshold dose is about 2 grams, 4 grams for light, 5 to 10 grams for a potent dose, and more than 11 grams for a strong dose. You should avoid consuming more than 15 grams of premium kratom.


Kratom Extract

If you are using kratom extract, a half gram is often consider the threshold dose. 1 grams is a light dose, 2 grams for a potent dose, 3 grams for a strong dose, and 4 or more grams for a very strong dose. Kratom extract has a high concentration, as you are taking kratom that has been boiled down to a resin.

If you notice any side effects from taking kratom, you should stop taking any more. Wait several days. Any side effects that you experience should pass. The most commonly reported side effects are typically related to consuming too much kratom or consuming it on a daily basis. If you refrain from use, these effects should pass quickly.

Kratom is a safe herb with some amazing effects. Pay attention to your dosage size, which may vary based on the strain that you choose. Keep track of how much you take, with each new strain that you try. Before long, you will be an expert at determining the best kratom dosage for your needs.

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